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    Bhavin Toprani - "Great Meeting Today of RMB Numero Uno Mumbai of various classifications"View
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    Mark Burchill - "This is a test. Please ignore."View
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    Bill Fishman - "Sorry, meant Pavan"View
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    Nicolas Juan Canepa Arigon - "@makarand Hola como estas, me interesa saber que tipo de mercaderías exportas, no somos grandes exportadores, si buscamos agregar productos a nuestras lineas, si tienes pagina web seria muy practico, Gracias, […]"View
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    Pavan Kumar Mangalampalli - "Dear Rotarians, I am Pavan, CEO of Nyros Technologies – a Web | Mobile | Voice apps development company based in India. I am looking forward to network with International Rotarians who are in need of IT services i […]"View
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    Dharmesh Shah / Dashan - "Hi all. we have started a WhatsApp Group – ‘Rotary Means Business’ Please send your Details to #Patricia – +18697627030 #Dashan – +6583097521 [1] Your Name [2] Your Club Details, District no [3] Your […]"View
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    Tilak Bahadur Thapa Magar - "As per our club’s Board Meeting dated 21st December, I’m going to lead the club as the President for Rotary Year 2018 – 19."View
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