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To access your member account settings menu, you must be a member and be logged on to the website. Once logged on, you will find your account settings in you profile.  Select profile from the top right of the menu bar.

When you first become a member, your profile does not include your photo unless you have a Gravatar associated with your email. Let’s fix this as this will make it easier for people to find you and interact with you.

In order to change your profile photo (also know as an avatar), you must be logged in. From the Member Account Settings Menu (upper right corner of the webpage), hover over Profile, and then move to Change Avatar and click. See the image below.

The Change Avatar page will appear (see image below). You will now be able to add an image from your computer’s webcam or an image file from your computer. Choose one of the two links.

If you uploaded an image from your webcam and submitted it, you are done and your new image will show up on the site.

If you uploaded an image file, the Crop Image page will now appear. Using your mouse, hold down on a crop button and crop your image so that it looks the way that you wish. Once the image looks right to you, click on the Crop Image button and your new photo (avatar) will be added to your profile.

You can repeat this if you want to change your photo.

You can change the email settings for each group that you are a member. Some people like to see every post to a group the instant that it posted. Others may want a daily digest or weekly summary. As a member, you are in charge! For each group, you can change the setting for sending email to you as No Email, Weekly Summary, Daily Digest, New Topics, and All Email. Te default setting for each group may be different than the setting that you wish. Here is how you can manage your settings:

Go to your Member Account Settings Menu (upper right hand corner of the webpage) and mouse over Groups and then click on Memberships.

You will now be in your Groups Memberships Directory. From here you will be able to change the email settings (see the image below).

Once you click on the setting that you want, your settings will be updated for the future.

If you wish to delete your membership, please follow these steps.

Log into your account. Go to the Profile and choose member “Settings”. Click on settings. Now click “Delete Account.”

Now you will see the confirmation page for your account deletion. Please check the box that you understand that deleting your account is not recoverable. Click the “Delete Account” submit button and you will be done.

Posting Events to the Calendar

Step 1: We need atleast one life member of RMBF as a point of contact. To become a life member, Visit www.rotarymeansbusiness.org/rotary Click on Resource – > Become a member
Step 2: Click on Life membership
Step 3: Pay USD 100 and complete the membership (once completed, Please send screen shot of the payment to chair@rotarymeansbusiness.org for quick activation of your account
Step 4: Post account activation, login to your account
Step 5: Go to Resources – > Start a Chapter
Step 6: Enter Chapter name you prefer and other details and pay an annual renewal fees of USD 50
Step 7: Send payment receipt to chair@rotarymeansbusiness.org
Step 8: An application form and other details will be sent for your review and filling
Step 9: Fill the application and send to chair@rotarymeansbusiness.org

Your chapter will be issued in a couple of days subject to verification and meeting all obligations

1. Look at the chapter locator map in www.rotarymeansbusiness.org. There could be a chapter in your city! If there is one you can join them. If not, let’s do the following

2. Talk to the Chairman of Vocational Services of your club about your idea. Let him know how RMB can help the Rotarians in your club / zone / district. Through him, take an appointment to present about RMB in your club Board meeting. Get their nod to adopt this activity as your clubs project.

3. As a next step talk reach out to the District Vocational Chairman through your club President and give him details about your RMB project. He will be very happy to support you because you are supporting the Rotarians and their Vocation(s).

4. Form a core team consisting members from your club and as well as your friends from other clubs. Invite them for the first of the series of pre launch meeting. Discuss about a suitable name for your RMB, bylaws that will be apt for your group, prospective members who can be invited for the next meeting.

5. Arrange for a second meeting within a week and this time you will be having a bigger group of interested members. In this meeting invite people who are interested to take key responsibilities in the chapter. Form your Board, fix your regular meeting venue, subscription charges and finalize other processes that will be required to run your chapter efficiently.

6.Visit rotarymeansbusiness.org and apply for Charter. (To start a chapter, see How to start a chapter)

7. Once you receive the charter, your Board can fix a convenient date for the Charter installation and move on with your regular fellowship meetings.

The procedure above is just a suggestion and guideline, you may have a different approach in your territory which may be more appropriate

Please send an email with some details about the program (Not exceeding 250 words) you have conducted with 1 photograph to editor@rotarymeansbusiness.org, we will make sure the information is published.


RMBF NEWS is released on 1st of every quarter in all possibilities.

Please do not send too many photos, in case you wish more photos to be published, collage photos yourself before sending.

The deadline for submission of any details about any program in your chapter is 10th of preceding month.

The decision of including or not including any details in the newsletter is subject to approval of the editorial committee/board of RMBF. No queries will be entertained in this regard.

PS: We will try to incorporate all the messages received from the chapters, however, in case it is not done, it is purely due to non-availability of space in the newsletter. There is no need to follow-up for any newsletter publication.

Please contact chair@rotarymeansbusiness.org or secretary@rotarymeansbusiness.org and you will be added to a relevant whats-app groups that are being operated by few of our board members, we will be happy to add you there.

We strongly advise you to subscribe to RMBF NEWS and also available on the website blogs section to know the happenings in the RMBF fraternity.



It is your financial obligation to RMB Fellowship to pay USD 50 (as of 1st April 2024) annually. To complete the financial obligation before 1st July of every year is mandatory. A delay in payment may mark your chapter as past due and can be liable to be revoked. To complete your financial obligation,

Step 1: login to your account (chapter leader)
Step 2: Go to Resources
Step 3: Go to Annual Renewal
Step 4: Enter Chapter Name / In description column mention RMB Croatia 2024 Annual Dues
Step 5: Ensure your credit card/debit card is activated for international transactions and has sufficient funds to complete the payment.
Step 6: send a copy of your payment receipt to treasurer@rotarymeansbusiness.org / chair@rotarymeansbusiness.org for records and easy reconciliation.


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