• Alden M. Cunningham posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago · updated 1 month ago

    The RMB District 7390 Chapter plans no events for December but will start a new RMB season with an event planned for every month starting with the Rotary Club of Gettysburg event in mid December. More info will be posted soon on this event.

    • This post is not current. It should read the RMB District 7390, Chapter four in the RMB Fellowship has held 47 events from July 2014 through January 2019 and plans to hold an event each month in 2019 starting with our Mechanicsburg, PA event on February 20. See events for more details.

    • Here is an update regarding what is happening in our sixth RMB season. We have had three event so far this year in January, February, and March. Our next event is RMB Leadership Summit on April 24 with PDG Una Martone speaking on Servant Leadership. The event will have the usual networking exercise (the Circle) and Cocktail party. We anticipate events in all the succeeding months of 2019 except May.