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    Dear Rotarians,

    Welcome to RMB Online Meetings group!

    Before we host our first meeting, I request you all to provide your inputs on below items :

    1. Frequency of meetings per month (1 / 2 / 3 / 4 meetings per month) ?
    2. Recommended time of meeting (PST 5pm, PST 7pm, PST 9pm) ?
    3. Recommended day of meeting (Friday / Saturday / Monday) ?
    4. Nominate four speakers for 1st meeting (Meeting duration is 45mins and 10mins for each speaker)
    5. Preferred Meeting tool (Hangout / Zoom)?

    Also please invite active fellow Rotarians to this group so we have decent size of attendees.

    Pavan Kumar M

    • Hello Rtn Pavan from here too!

      1. 2 meetings per month I believe is ok!!
      2. PST 5 pm will be ok I guess
      3. Monday or Friday is ok. Not weekends, some of us might have families and want to spend their time with them!!
      4. I agree with this
      5. I agree with this too

      I will forward this group to the WhatsApp group in order more people to see it.

      Best regards,
      Rtn George Dimitriadis