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    Have you ever considered investment in Tanzania (Zanzibar)?

    Where did the idea come from:

    COVID-19 has upset the entire global economy.

    Most industries have been significantly affected by the restrictions related to the virus, unfortunately many companies have not withstood it.

    Business areas that have been severely affected by COVID include tourism and gastronomy. This makes it the best time to invest in these industries, as in line with each business cycle, there will be a sharp rebound and growth in a moment.

    On the other hand, many businesses soared thanks to the sudden boom. A lot of printed money has also appeared on the market, which is not favored by the almost zero interest rate on deposits.

    The politically uncertain situation in many countries is also one of the factors causing us to look more willingly at business proposals located on other continents.

    Due to all of the above elements, as a result of our investment activities in Zanzibar, we encounter an increasing number of inquiries for cooperation.

    Why Zanzibar:

    Despite the prevailing pandemic, all restrictions and crises – trips to Zanzibar take place regularly, moreover, the entire industry and tourist services on the island are flourishing with a large multiplication of what they were in previous years.

    This is most definitely due to the fact that Zanzibar is the only one of the few tropical destinations that has remained open.

    The development of tourism on this paradise island began about 10 years ago and is in full swing. Specialists predict at least 15 to 20 years of prosperity.

    The period of the last two years has shown a significant increase in tourist investments – hotels, guesthouses, bungalows and restaurants.

    This is related to the increased interest of foreign entrepreneurs to invest in this safe corner, where the economy is stable and developing, and a good political climate and the will of decision makers favor the inflow of capital, especially in contrast to the current world situation.

    Of course, the average three-year rate of return should also be mentioned here, which sounds very encouraging to investors.

    What we propose:

    At the turn of February and March 2021 (or, optionally, at the turn of March and April), we want to invite our Investors (maximum 6 people – the order of applications counts) to participate in an economic mission to Zanzibar, which includes:

    – we will present direct investment opportunities (plots, buildings, ministries, all with appropriate documentation confirmed by the court and by the geodesy office)

    – at a meeting with a lawyer, we will discuss the rules of opening and running a business on the island,

    – during a meeting with an accountant, we will explain how the tax law in Zanzibar works and we will provide you with information on its mechanisms,

    – we will show the implemented and completed investments on selected examples,

    – we will discuss the most common problems awaiting Investors resulting from our experience and provide tips on how to avoid them,

    – we will organize a meeting with a construction company, which will present the necessary information from obtaining construction permits to conduct construction, we will also present the prices of basic construction materials, design and workmanship

    – we will show and discuss the main tourist values ​​and prospects for the development of tourism in the region.

    – we will provide the ‘know-how’ necessary to start a business in Zanzibar.

    What we provide:

    – Qatar airways tourist class flight ticket (possible surcharge to business class),

    – entry visa on the spot,

    – transport during the stay,

    – accommodation in a standard of at least 3 *, (single rooms)

    – HB board,

    – business meetings with:

    – representatives of the banking sector,

    – legal advisor,

    – accountant,

    – representatives of local authorities,

    – substitute investor,

    – property owners,

    – inspection of sample real estate available for purchase (undeveloped and developed)

    – visits to ongoing and completed investments,

    – visiting selected tourist attractions,

    – Facultative trips,

    – local dinner with performances.

    How much does it cost:

    The price of the service will be in the range of 3-4 thousand US dollars depending on the prices of airline tickets

    Why with us:

    Our team has comprehensive, many years of experience necessary to supervise investment processes, both in terms of investment preparation and its implementation in Tanzania. We have extensive experience in the financial and accounting industry, in the technical industry and in the construction industry.
    Our elected representatives are residents of Tanzania and act directly in Zanzibar as substitute investors.

    We provide our investors with comprehensive and safe service in Zanzibar.