• Mark Burchill posted an update in the group Group logo of RMB FellowshipRMB Fellowship 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Important notice regarding email settings for RMB Fellowship Group. This is the group that RMBF Leadership will use to communicate to all members. This is the group in which we announce the election each year. We received inquiries from some members as to why they were not notified about the election. You, as the member, have the option to set your email preferences for all group. While the default was “Weekly Summary” upon joining, some members had changed their preference to “no email.” Upon checking the email status of members who had not received the election notice, we determined that they were set to “no email.” For today only, our webmaster has changed all members to “All Mail” so you can receive this message. In the next day or two, we will ask the webmaster to change everyone to “weekly summary.” If you want to receive notices from RMB Fellowship leadership, we suggest you leave it as weekly summary. If you change it to “no email,” you will no longer receive official notices, from RMB Fellowship leadership.